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World's most advanced database


Covestone’s document/relational database has been rated years ahead of mongoDB, Oracle and other well-known database products. One-write ACID document-oriented transaction processing, infinite time addressable versioning, transaction rollback and mirroring are just some of the unique capabilities of our patented database. And at 140,000 full scale, real-world transactions per minute, it could be the fastest and most reliable database in the ERP world. 



Covestone's UI is written in HTML, which means it runs on pretty much all devices. In the warehouse, tablets with do picking, receiving, and cycle counting. Tablet-based delivery manifests provide real-time delivery tracking and document deliveries with signature and photo capture. Intrinsic devices for hazardous locations, portable zebra printers for mobile receipts and bluetooth barcode scanners with 4 foot scan range are just some of the devices we support. With Covestone mobility apps aren't an "add-on".

Spreadsheet reporting, integrated email, PDF documents...


Covestone has no legacy baggage. Reports are spreadsheets - printing is optional. Forms are PDF documents. They can be stored, archived, emailed, and printed - and they look just like pre-printed forms. Images and signatures are stored on our server, not some third party add-on system. Covestone is all-inclusive.