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  • Start with legacy compatibility. Add full catalogs complete with images, spec sheets and other rich data.

  • Nonstocks import directly from catalogs and cloud sources - no more nonstock product maintenance.

  • Quick bid, commercial job management, e-commerce, price by line...all the ways you do business, built in.

  • PDF "superbids" with hyperlinks and attached spreadsheets provide customers with rich content on every bid and the ability to import data directly into their systems without EDI.

  • 24/7 e-commerce lets customers manage their orders around the clock - in real time.

  • Full-service apps let customers download statements, invoices and job cost spreadsheets

  • Automatic text and email alerts keep users, customers and vendors aware of time sensitive events.


Inventory Management and Purchasing


Covestone has the most advanced integrated inventory management and automated purchasing system on the market. Features include:


  • Advanced probabilistic statistical forecasting

  • Minimum remnant stock optimization

  • Short buys and long buys expand purchasing options.

  • Just-in-time fast-cycle hourly forecasting, transfer generation and automated purchasing.

  • Time-based order fulfillment tracking (a Covestone exclusive)


Accounting Redefined


Covestone defines a new standard: 


  • One-write transaction processing - always accurate, always consistent

  • 100% accuracy and 100% consistency 100% of the time - in real time

  • The world's only GAAP consistent database.

  • Postings and source documents are one and the same. Every detail is auditable.

  • Every report is a spreadsheet.

  • Infinite versioning and rollback.

  • The system is continuously mirrored and archived on redundant hardware.





  • All the bells and whistles of legacy pricing methods

  • Price tweaks eliminate mass matrix manipulations

  • Multiple cost basis pricing including LIFO, MAC and variable vendor cost multipliers



Report Generation


  • Time-addressed relational reporting is built in

  • Pick-and-choose report generators require no knowledge of SQL

  • Full text search and complex pattern matching of entire database

  • No data dictionaries or schemas

  • Fast report generation with direct spreadsheet output




  • Paperless tablet-based warehousing is faster and works on all devices

  • Intuitive touch screen programs allow you to train warehouse workers in minutes

  • Cross docking, single and 2-phase receiving, consignment and bill and hold are all standard

  • Photo capture receiving, making damaged goods reporting an instant and non-disputable process

  • Signature and photo capture on all devices, including personal devices



Electronic Manifests


  • Real-time tracking of deliveries 

  • On-site signature capture and photo documentation

  • Tablets can also be used for voice, text, skype, video capture, GPS guidance etc.

  • GPS and time stamped deliveries



Payment Systems

  • Multiple providers

  • PCI compliant

  • Level 2 and Level 3 processing




Legacy ERP systems are "end of life" products. Nobody programs in BASIC or COBOL anymore. Covestone is modern, agile, open technology.


Legacy systems are so complex they are called "brittle". No wonder nobody dares touch them; the slightest change to a core application can bring the whole system down. Covestone has 95% less code, and only 23 files. Its agile database accepts whatever new data is thrown at it without refactoring. This is the way modern companies like Google and Amazon work.


Legacy companies thrive on secrecy. Covestone thrives on openness. We welcome and train VARs at our expense.


Simply put, with Covestone you get what you want.



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