Covestone user sales up 18.5%

At Covestone sites, sales increased 18.5%  - six times GDP - overall in 2018. That's not anecdotal, it's all Covestone sites combined. This year, Covestone sites are on track for even more growth.

7.4 Turns on Inventory

What is ERP?

"ERP" used to mean enterprise wide. Today is usually means just the legacy applications left over from the 1980s. In fact, it's almost a certainty that your software was designed in the 1970s or 1980s - or is simply a copy of that kind of software.


No business today can ignore the fact that the Internet has changed everything. Only a new system built from scratch on Internet technology can meet this challenge. "Companion products" are symptoms, not solutions. They are like the auto mechanics in Cuba who make a living keeping 60 year old cars running because consumers can't buy new cars.

Yes, it is possible. With Covestone's automated purchasing and warehouse management software our sites are averaging 7.4 turns on inventory. Probabilistic forecasting, minimum remnant optimization and hourly forecasting are just some of the tools we use to reduce inventory, freeing up warehouse space and cash.

Eye-catching e-commerce

Using the web designers and tools you choose, we provide customized web site functionality including rich content, real time order tracking, on line payments and more. Covestone is built from the ground up with e-commerce, ERP and mobile apps all running working together on a single platform.

Breaking News: Amazon doesn't use "companion products"! 

Neither does Covestone. Covestone is a full stack, multi-functional, enterprise wide system.



Our 10K golang server and 140,000 TPM database support thousands of users on commodity hardware - and Covestone is mirrored, so backup is continuous.


45 years of innovation, serial Best of Breed products, and more of the top 50 distributors than any other product line in the industry: that's our legacy. And yet Covestone is not legacy software. It is built on the same kind of technology as companies like Amazon. To beat them, you've got to first match their technology. 


Covestone sites average 10-15 enhancements per month. That's 25 times as many as legacy systems. Customization = competitive advantage.


Single port of entry HTTPS and code-level user request/response monitoring go beyond outmoded firewall technology.  And with post-detection document-oriented transaction rollback Covestone takes security mitigation to the next level.

Return on Investment

We haven't witnessed a productivity boost like this since the1970s. It's all because we cleared the decks and built from scratch on modern IOT technology - something no legacy software product can do.

Ease of Migration

Our automated, overnight migration software and sandbox training eliminate the pain of "cold turkey" migration. We probably invented the software you're using, and know it's database better than any other software vendor. It pays to know!

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